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Crime and Justice

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Chapter Review Questions

Respond to each of the following questions using the information from this chapter.

1. During a recent meeting of the command staff at a mid-sized police department, the chief asks the patrol captain for his recommendation for new flashlights. The captain responds, “I did a little research and I recommend that we purchase the DryLight, Model X flashlight”. The patrol captain’s research consisted of “asking a few of the officers” what they thought would be a good flashlight. Did the patrol captain actually conduct research? Why or why not?

ANSWER: Technically, the patrol captain did some research. He conducted interviews which is a form of data collection. One could argue, however, that the patrol captain’s research was limited (pp. 7-8).

2. Respond to the following statement in 3-5 sentences:

Conducting research in the social sciences and in criminal justice in particular is easier than in other sciences because the things we measure are so vague that nobody really cares if we get it right or not.

ANSWER: Generally speaking, social science research is more challenging than some of the ‘hard sciences’ because the things social scientists study are difficult to measure objectively. As a result social scientists spend a great deal of time justifying how they measure concepts to their peers (pp. 4-5).

3. Read the following scenarios and identify which of the following alternative sources of information is being used (pp. 5-7): a. Authority b. Tradition or Custom c. Common sense d. Media

|Scenario |Source of information |
|The City of Bigton is having a problem with graffiti. The Mayor decides that the only...

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