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Crime and the Affecting Factors of the Criminal Behavior

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Crime and the affecting factors of the criminal behavior

Prof. Dr. Ayman Elzeiny First : - Introduction to crime :
The information about the crime reaches to the public may be through the newspapers , television programs, films, and novels .
Some of us have accumulated experience with crime by having ourselves been victims or knowing others who have been victims, some by being offenders (or at least defendants), or knowing such individuals, and others by being occupationally concerned with prevention of crime or supervision of people found guilty of violating the law .
There's many difficulties to offer a wholly satisfactory definition of the crime, a word frequently used and a phenomenon often encountered .
For the purposes of scholarly study specifically, the amassing of reliable statistics, development of explanations and theories, and preparation of sound public policy a definition more exact than the mental images held by the public is essential .
Crime is a by-product of civilization. Most civilized members of society obey authority and conform to the norms prevailing in their culture.
Their obedience and compliance may vary in degree, but law-abiding citizens remain within the limits of tolerance. Crime then is a sociopolitical event subject to the definitions of the society in which it occurs.
The social response to crime in terms of treatment of offenders is dependent upon the advance of the civilization and the affluence of the society. Public policy is always a blend of economics and humanitarian values.
Social scientists seek to know the conditions under which crime increases; the characteristics of offenders and victims; why some acts are illegal and others are not .(1)
For these and other important purposes, we must again ask: what's the wholly satisfactory definition of the crime ?

1 - The legal Definition of…...

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