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Crime and Unemployment

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Unemployment and crime together with its causes, has been studied over the world. In particular, there have been noted studies on the cost and benefit of crime, state of the economy and crime, and the core of the all this, unemployment and crime. Some researchers have found relationships between unemployment and crime, while others have not. However, a more controversial issue is the explicit relationship between unemployment and crime.
Mainstream economists generally believe that unemployment is associated with crime because reduced expected value from appropriate work decreases the opportunity costs of unlawful work. A balanced economic growth of the economy is the ideal way of development when all utilities work in order to provide healthy business growth. One of the misbalance factors of the market economy is unemployment and crime. The relationship between economic conditions, crime and other types of crime like violence is complicated. Therefore, the existence of positive connection between low quality of life, which is a sequence of the economic situation, and committing robberies or burglaries is almost obvious, while the existence of such relationship with violent crime is less straightforward.
Moreover, unemployment as such is considered to be the main cause of poverty. As a result, people may not afford basic necessities which in turn lead to various businesses performing poorly. This in turn causes the laying off of more people and this becomes a chain reaction. Since laying off people from work takes place, the same people may not afford to fulfill the needs of the families, therefore, lowering the standard of living, which for some instances leads to crimes being committed.
Concerning unemployment, it not only leads to robbery and stealing but to brutal killing out of anger and desperation and also rape, being the news for Fiji lately. Although...

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