Crime Causation and Diversion

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Crime Causation and Diversion
February 20, 2012

Crime Causation and Diversion
In the State of Florida there are three diversion programs, which are presently active today. They consist of Teen Court, Juvenile arbitration groups, and Neighborhood Accountability committees. These diversion committees are available to those children who have disobeyed the laws so that they will have a speedy and straightforward bearing that stresses the seriousness of a valuable citizenship, individual honesty, and family connection. The preceding are various contributors of the juvenile delinquency. The primary goal of these programs are to redirect people of young ages that have violated the law for the first time from becoming more involved with the criminals justice system (Sixth Judicial Circuit, 2012).
A delinquent child in Florida is either sent the Arbitration program either by the judge or the State’s Attorney’s office so that a consultation can be heard between the victim’s parents, defendant, and the victim. A discussion of what took place and the reason the defendant is there along with a detailed arrangement for the victim to abide by while under these conditions for punishment. A completed contract will need to be signed outlining the stipulations before the close of arbitration. Each case is handled differently and has separate assignments. Juries that are present during teen court along with community boards are responsible for handling down the assignments. The repayment can be such as making amends to those who were disturbed by the defendant (Sixth Judicial Circuit, 2012).
In the State of Florida today sanctions such as referrals/counseling, school progress reports, shock programs, and community service work are effective. The following goal has shown to reduce juvenile crime and has worked for the Juvenile Arbitration Program. Juveniles are offered…...