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Crime Comparison

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Theories on Crime Comparison
Frank Canini
AJS/542 Criminological Theory
Angela Dudley
April 13, 2015

Many experts will argue that behavior and personality traits contribute to criminal behavior. Theories exist that provide sufficient evidence of these arguments, leading criminal justice professionals to seek alternative methods to preventing crime other than implementing harsh prison sentences. As we begin to understand the relationship between personality and criminal behavior, we begin developing rehabilitation programs intended to treat the underlying psychological issues that motivate people to commit certain crimes. By rehabilitating these individuals without incarceration, we can help keep prison populations down while benefitting society by allowing rehabilitated criminals to integrate back into their communities. Theories exist that can provide evidence linking behavioral traits to criminal behavior. Experts believe there biological, sociobiological, and psychological traits that contribute to the criminal behavior of an individual. Studies show that even all three traits combine to create a cocktail that leads to dishonest and unethical acts that can be defined as crime. As we examine these behavioral traits our focus will be on the psychological aspects of criminal behavior. Psychological behavior can be classified as conduct disorder that is usually identified in early childhood. These psychological disorders act as a precursor to possible criminal behavior during adulthood and can expose a pattern of behavior related to antisocial personality disorder (Psychological Theories, n.d.). This type of cognitive behavior can present the motivating factor driving an individual towards more deviant and violent behavior as they turn to crime. But some experts, such as Glenn Walters and Thomas White, argue that social and environmental...

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