Criminal Justice Process

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Steps of the Criminal Process


Investigation is when someone reports a crime that has just happened and the police gathered the information that they had discovered, like evidence. To investigate the crime that has been committed to see, if possible to charged the offender(s).


A Homeowner had just reported to the 911 operator that her home is being robbed and the bad guy is still here. The location is at 123 Jane Doe St. Hollywood, CA 90122


Arrest is when the offender(s) was found wrong doing of something bad to something or someone.


Luckily, there was a police cruiser down the street patrolling the neighborhood, so the police went straight to the house that was reported. And caught the bad guy red handed stealing the victims belonging. The offender was arrested by the police.


Booking is when the offender(s) is caught and taken into custody at the police station to take pictures, be fingerprinted, and ask questions to be recorded by the police in the computer system.


The offender that was arrested was taken away and went straight to the police station for booking. The police took his pictures and fingerprinted him.
Name: Jack Black
DOB: 01/01/1964
Address: 12 Mary Lane Hollywood, CA 90123

Steps of the Judicial Process

4. First Appearance:

After the arrest the offender(s) need to show up in court to see was charges is against him/her and if bail is provided for the offender(s). Usually this happen on the next business day.


Jack black was still in jail, so he was taken to court the next day and was charged for Breaking and Entering with the possession of stolen property.


Bail is when the offender(s) have the opportunity to put in money or property to be release from custody.


Jack Black is set for bail at…...