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Criminal Justice Rape Research Paper

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Incidents of Rape in Connecticut

BY: Jason CLASS: CJ3375DL 10T4













GOAL STATEMENT: To find out who suffers from rape incidents in the state of Connecticut.





Knowing the identity of the perpetrator

Educational Level


1. What gender is sexually assaulted more often in the state of Connecticut?

2. What race is arrested more often for sexual assault in the state of Connecticut?

3. What is the age group of the majority of those being raped in the state of Connecticut?

4. Are most cases of sexual assault committed in Connecticut by a person known by the victim?

5. What is education level of those being sexually assaulted in the state of Connecticut?



T1: The possible theory surrounding this hypothesis is because possibly men are more apt to act physically to fulfill their sexual urges then women, thus increasing the number of successful rape attempts.


T2: The possible theory surrounding this hypothesis is because based on the state of Connecticut’s statistical data, there more whites in Connecticut per capita than any other race and therefore increasing the number of victims...

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