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Crime Data Comparison Paper
Willie Clark
University of Phoenix

Crime Data Comparison Paper
In this paper, I will take a caparison look at the crime index for two metropolitan areas in the United States using statistical information provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Uniform Crime Report posted yearly will display the two geographical areas I choose to compare for the study is Memphis and Nashville TN. I will compare the violent crime of murder rate for Memphis versus the Property index rate for burglary for Nashville and how the two, which are just two, and half-hours apart vary so differently. A little history on the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting or UCR created in 1992 and the International Association of Police Chiefs is credited for its influences dating back to the 1920s to push for complete crime statistic yearly in order to combat the increasing crime rate. In the Uniform Crime Reporting system, there are seven main categories identified, manslaughter and non-negligent murder, burglary, aggravated assault forcible rape, larceny, arson, and motor vehicle theft. The Uniform Crime Report first was in January 1930, the UCR reported 400 cities throughout 43 states, covering more than 20 million individuals, approximately 20 percent of the total United States population.
The city of Memphis is in the southwest portion of the state of TN. The city has a population as of September 2009 of more than 672,046 residents. The total of violent crimes overall for that reported year was 1,945 incidents. The crime index I choose for this city was Murder. Memphis over the years has made many headlines as one of the most violent cities to live in the United States. As recently as several years ago, the city was labeled the murder capital of the United States. It was reported that as…...