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Criminolgy in the Future

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Criminology in the Future
Taylor Strong
September 21, 2015
Jacqueline Waltman

Criminology in the Future
Future directions of crime fighting and its role in social policy implication would be the advancement of technology and its impact that it will potentially have on crime fighting in the future. Technology is ever changing and it something that we have all witnessed advance over the course of time, whether that is the progression of a tape recorder, to a CD, a CD to a Mp3, and Mp3 to iPods and iPhones. The only difference is that with criminal justice technology takes them much further than to just being able to listen to music but rather to get ahead of crime and to get a grasp on the criminals who are committing the acts.
Technology is insightful in every aspect of the criminal justice system, from the examination to the trial of crimes. The advancement of technology is already in its most profound stage of conformity. It is allowing us to be visually able to see individuals from space via satellite and target their intellect by viewing what it is they are arranging criminally and for us to use that information to our advantage. Other directions of crime fighting and its role in social policy implications suggest that we are also setting up to not only visually be ahead of the game and criminals in the future but also that we are asking it possible for us to listen more openly to conversations that are being exchanged between criminals. This alone is substantial information that sticks in the courtroom when it comes to putting these individuals behind bars for their criminal acts.
There are so many forms of technology that we use such as surveillance drones that are used for beta-testing, which is a video-based crowd-sourcing software program to solve crimes. This technology searches the crowd for individuals who are criminal and listens...

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