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Directed by Ben Affleck, the movie Argo is based on a true story. Argo is based on the events that happened on November 4, 1979 in Tehran, Iran. The event that occurred dealt with citizens of the United States of America. On November 4, 1979, the Iranian Revolution was at the breaking point. Militants stormed the United States Embassy in Tehran, taking fifty-two Americans hostage. Even though the militants had hostages, six members of the embassy were able to elude the militants. The six Americans who escaped found refuge at the home of the Canadian Ambassador. While the six Americans were afraid, they knew it was only a matter of time that they would be found. The Canadian government, along with the American government, turned to the Central Intelligence Agency to figure out a way to get the six Americans out of Iran alive. The Central Intelligence Agency turned to their expert exfiltration specialist, Tony Mendez (played by Ben Affleck). Tony Mendez is an expert when it comes to rescuing people in hostile territories. Tony Mendez’s task was to come up with a plan to get the six Americans out of Iran alive. While Mendez does not like the scenarios that his superiors came up with, Mendez eventually came up with a plan while watching a movie, Battle of the Planet of Apes, with his son. Mendez came up with the idea to pretend that the six Americans are a Canadian team who entered the country to scout locations for an upcoming Hollywood movie. The main thing behind this idea is that the plan had to seem real enough to fool the Iranians. Mendez goes to Hollywood to meet with John Chambers (John Goodman), who is an expert make-up artist, and Lester Siegel (Alan Arkin), who is a former producer. Mendez talks them into helping him come up with a movie idea that would put his plan into

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