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In the process of researching the selected topic regarding “Fear” there were many angles to consider in how ‘in depth’ the writers got into their topic. There were many questions to ask in how well the authors of the writings made their claims concerning the topic. As each author has his or her own way of reaching the audience it would be only right that his or her writing process reflect this. Each author has their own brand of emotion and logic he or she uses to reach their audiences, which in turn can affect each authors writing. Each author brings to the table a unique style of writing, one using technical/formal, one using a bit of technical/formal with a bit of informal thrown in. The third author was very informal toward their audience. In regard to this analysis this essay will reflect on each different aspect these authors bring forth in their writings concerning the topic “Fear.”

The first author who will be discussed within this essay is Frank Furedi. As he is the one that started this essay on the trail of finding how different authors reflect on this topic of fear. Furedi starts his topic with “The only thing we have to fear is the “culture of fear” itself” (Furedi, 2007, pg. 1). In stating his argument that” fear is playing a key role in the twenty-first century” he is making a claim without any support to back his statement at this time (Furedi, 2001, pg.1). The style of Furedi’s writing is a mixture between formal and informal, in the range of semiformal. The purpose of Furedi’s essay was to convey the notions that fear are attached to many events that surround today’s society. In the essay that Furedi has written this author has brought forth evidence to back the claims of how fear affects today’s society. The audience that Furedi was writing too is today’s society, trying to show how fear has affected everyone in today’s society and how society...

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