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Critcial Thinking Doubting Game


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In Peter Elbow’s article on the “Believing Game” and the “Doubting Game”, he first goes in to describe how the doubting game is all about being skeptical and analytical with every decision or idea possible. It is the scrutinizing process to uncover weaknesses in an argument, like hidden contradictions or bad reasoning’s. The believing game however, is the exact opposite of the doubting game. This practice is using the welcoming process to not only hear the ideas that may be different from our own but to actually believe what is being said. Elbow says, “Often we cannot see what is good in someone else’s idea until we work at believing it.” After reading the article, I fully agree with this approach as even an idea that is not one I agree with should be taken at least under consideration as to what is actually being said. If we do that, we could eventually believe it. has listed fifty two pros and cons of the most controversial issues facing our world today. For the sake of argument and research, I chose the topic of Abortion. On the website, the question is posed, “Should Abortion Be Legal?” To be completely honest, I feel as though abortion should in fact be legal. Secondly, as a man, I feel that I have absolutely no say in what a woman can or cannot do with her body. Abortion has zero effect on me personally as it is not my body. Of course, we can make the argument if it was my wife or girlfriend that I should have a say in the matter, and that could be true however, overall, as a man I do not feel like I can tell a woman what to do with her body. I chose this topic to bring up all the controversy on the topic. Far too many males want to have a say in this and I feel that is wrong. Under the Pro section of “Should Abortion be Legal?” one reason that caught my eye was, The US Supreme Court has declared abortion to be a fundamental right guaranteed

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