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Write a REPORT based on

* Key changes back to late 19 century i.e post Industrial Revolution, and also post 1st and 2nd world wars.( Many authors consider most changes occurred after the 1950’s) * Map the key most impacting changes which have affected the Seller/Buyer relationship& conduct research regarding the evolution of selling over these years. * Study historic and contemporary attitudes to sales and selling; current and past techniques, methods and attitudes towards selling. * Discuss your findings and embellish your work with plenty of examples * Look at the CRITERIA SHEET on the next page to explore the criteria against which you will be marked to help you with your tasks and allocate time and effort accordingly! * Fill in and download a criteria sheet which you will find on Bb under ‘Assignments’ and attach to your essay


‘A document, which conveys information and (sometimes) recommendations from a researcher who has investigated a topic in detail.’ People who need the information for a specific purpose will usually request a report like this

’ Headings, diagrams, tables, etc may be used ensuring you SOURCE them.

Title page This should for this assignment include a title which indicates the central theme of the report, tutor, module, author’s name and P number, word count

Executive summary
The purpose of an executive summary is to provide the briefest possible statement of the subject matter of a longer document. It must cover all the essential points. It must be fully comprehensible when read independently of the full document. It is NOT a list of extracts, highlights or notes on the original.
For this report the word count for the executive summary IS INCLUDED in the total word count

Tips: The executive summary should....

a) introduce the subject of the full report, its objectives, methods, findings and/or recommendations b) help the reader to determine whether the report is of any interest c) be written last

Contents All sections of report listed in sequence with page references

Introduction The introduction is where the reader is acquainted with the purpose of the report and guided through the structure of the report. The order of the structure should be replicated in the main body. If you state you will cover an area it must be covered or you will lose marks. This may therefore include the statement of aims and objectives unless these are dealt with in a separate section.

Aims and objectives Clear statement of what the report is trying to achieve. This may involve a statement of the research question, issue, hypothesis, or problem being investigated. Care should be taken to express the research aims in the most appropriate form.

Methodology Sources of evidence used.
Description of how evidence was collected and analysed.
Discussion of the limitations of the sources and methods of collection and analysis, if appropriate

Conclusion This section is a summary of all the major findings made at stages throughout the report. No new evidence should appear here. The conclusion considers the evidence presented in the main body, draws out the implications and brings it to one overall conclusion or an ordered series of final conclusions.

(Recommendations – Are NOT needed in this report )

References: List all books and sources which have been referred to in the text. Do not list here any sources which have not been used in the text. Do not leave anything out which has been referred to in the text.
Use Harvard Referencing as outlined in this guide. There is also comprehensive information and guidelines on referencing Harvard Style on the web for those who are keen to get it right!
Bibliography Any books and/or other sources used in the research but not referred to in the text should be listed... again Harvard Style
Appendices This section is set aside for supplementary evidence not essential to the main findings, but which provides useful back-up support for the main arguments

And the Reflection…….
“The primary objective for personal development planning is to improve the capacity of individuals to understand what and how they are learning and to review, plan and take responsibility for their own learning”. (Quality Assurance Agency (2000) para 29
Engaging in reflective practice is associated with the improvement of the quality of care, stimulating personal and professional growth and closing the gap between theory and practice ...some thoughts may include:-

1. How has it enriched your learning 2. What did you find difficult 3. What did you find easy 4. How it has helped you to move forward 5. Has it developed your skills and if so how 6. Has it made you think about your strengths and weakness

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