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Critical Assessment of Communication in Advertising

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Q. How should a Christian Youth dress?
Ans: In today's society cloths and dresses play an important role. We often look at a person and form an opinion from the way he/she is dressed.Everybody knows that we are judged by our looks and how we dressed and so we try to look as attractive as possible.Most of us feel good when we are dressed well and uncomfortable when we are not.I believed everything we do reflects our inner values and attitudes.Therefore our dress will surely reflects what we are.A sincere christian youth will not want to wear cloths that are too tight or that expose more of the body or which is not right outfit. Now a days many young people seem to forget how to dress for church.The dress for church as if like they are going for evening parties or discos.Some girls wear very tight and short skirts that they are unable to sit comfortably and some of the youth go to church to advertised their latest fashionable wear.It is always better as a christian youth to reflects the image of Jesus Christ not the actors and actresses or fashion modelers. I am not saying that we should not wear our dress in style.It is important that we should dress in style but modestly.Being dress appropriately for church is a good practice.Shabby dress is no mark of humanity or wearing high fashionable cloths is no mark of being proud.But wearing appropriate dress for the occasion and looking our best in the presence of God really matters. I am not giving you rules and guidelines as to what we should or should not wear but it is our duty as a christian to know what we should wear on which occasion.When we dress for church let us be clothed with humility of spirit which is of all important.And remember that cloths do not make the person, it is the heart inside that is most…...

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