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Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is a methodology for planning, executing and managing projects in single and multi-project environments.
Critical Chain Project Management was developed by Dr Eli Goldratt and was first introduced to the market in his Theory of Constraints book “Critical Chain” in 1997. It was developed in response to many projects being dogged by poor performance manifested in longer than expected durations, frequently missed deadlines, increased costs in excess of budget, and substantially less deliverables than originally promised.
Problems with traditional project management
When planning for an upcoming project, estimates for task durations are required. In order for the plan to be treated as realistic, much time is spent ensuring estimates are accurate. Accurate estimates give us increased probability and high-confidence in the task completing on time. This allows additional safety time beyond the work content time required to be embedded within the task duration. The more safety in a task the more there is a tendency to behave in the following ways: * Not starting the task until the last moment (Student Syndrome) * Delaying completion of the task (Parkinson’s Law) * Murphy’s Law
Student Sydnrome: The student syndrome is a form of procrastination, but it usually includes more of a plan and sincerely good intentions. For example, if a student or group of students goes to a professor and asks for an extension to a deadline they will usually defend their request by noting how much better their project will be given more time to work on it; they request this with all the right intentions. In reality most students will have other tasks or events place a demand on the time they fully intended to commit to improving their paper or project. In the end they will often end up close to the same situation

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