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While many individuals feel that college has numerous benefits and is the obvious choice after graduation, people should take their time and fully explore the question will receiving a college degree improve their career opportunities?
According to Chaffee (2015) when people have the opportunity to make their own decisions freely, they must have the insight to understand all of their options and the knowledge to make cognizant alternatives. Exploring alternatives and the advantages and/or disadvantages of receiving a college degree will help with ensuring all options have been reviewed.

The first alternative could lead to higher earning potential, which is one of the most important reasons to earn a college degree. According to United States Census Bureau (citation) if you obtain a college degree, you’re more likely to earn more money throughout your career than if only having a high school education.
The second alternative with not receiving a college degree, is sometimes you don’t always need a degree to land a high paying job. Some people may decide to be entrepreneurs. Also, some job opportunities may prefer experience candidates, and consider that an attribute over having a college degree. The point is, by thinking critically, you’re able to look at all options prior to making any rash decisions.
The good news about listing your alternatives, is you don’t have to stop at two or three, you can list as many as you like, in fact, according to Chaffee (2015) When people approach problems , they generally focus on one or two possibilities, instead, a much more productive approach, is to try to come up with ten or fifteen alternatives. This encourages you to go beyond the regular norm of thinking.

The process of critical thinking I used correlates to the method I used to find my content, because I actually listed different alternatives…...

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