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Critical Issues Paper

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Critical Issues Paper
Renaye Walker
February 26, 2012

Critical Issues Paper
Some examples of technology used in policing has been constantly changing over the years on how police departments operate. By utilizing up to date equipment improves the efficiency and effectiveness of how well or poorly it will impact the officers safety. Unlike years ago when law enforcement didn't have some of the equipment provided to them today, it has increased its mobility through telephone and radio (Law enforcement in the 21st century). In the first stage (1881-1945) a gentleman by the name of August Vollmer established the first forensic laboratory, criminal investigators had access to an increasing array of technological expertise that continued to increase exponentially throughout the development of law enforcement (Law enforcement in the 21st century). Some examples of technology used in Vollmer's crime laboratory was the use of the polygraph, as well as fingerprint and handwriting classification systems (Seaskate 1998). According to Soulliere (1999), these early technological advances impacted the police organization by the development of increasingly complex police organizations through the creation of specialized sections within large police organizations to handle the new technology, such as radio communications and forensic labs (law enforcement in the 21st century). Other technology that enhanced from police organizations ability to function was the increased mobility for patrol activities offered by the use of automobiles, and the increased safety of the officers with enhanced communications and the use of automobiles. As the department continued to improve in the use of technology, traffic police received a significant boost with the use of the first instruments that were used to measure speeding violations and the condition of the driver...

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