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William Saroyan once said, “Good people are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure”. This means as people fail overtime wisdom is gained by a realization of prudence, then one becomes virtuous. I agree because those who go through struggles usually learn from it and their wisdom expands. This is an accurate assessment and is evident in the novel “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. For the purpose, of revenge we see Hamlet the protagonist who takes advantage of his insanity, to get revenge on his father’s murderer. With this intention, Hamlet encounters many obstacles throughout the play. On the other hand, Ophelia is a victim that has been used by her father for reputation. Until, Laertes appear we are able to discover Ophelia’s true wisdom after all of her sufferings and experiences. This is also evident in the novel “The Little Prince” by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. Due to, The Little Prince insecurity of narrow mindedness. Given that, he is unable to detect his own narrow mindedness, about what it means to be human. .Couple with, The Little Prince’s journey is The Pilot, who finds a purpose in companionship to refrain loneliness and sorrow. Through the use of characterization and conflict, both works of literature demonstrate growth from failure. In both, The Little Prince and Hamlet, readers learn that characters are virtuous because they’ve had to work through difficulties, they learned about themselves and also about what it means to be human. Hamlet has become virtuous through his bad decisions because he gains experience and learns from it. While Hamlet was walking to meet with Queen Gertrude, he runs into Claudius, the man who stole his father’s crown and life. Without delay, Hamlet notices Claudius upset kneeling down asking for forgiveness. Immediately, Hamlet finds this as an opportunity to avenge his father’s death .Hamlet...

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