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Critical Race Theory

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Introduction Richard Delgado and Jean Stefanic in their book Critical Race Theory (CRT) address different issues but the main focus was the product of social thought and power in our society through the scope of race and racism Delgado, & Stefancic, 2001). Critical race theory is a movement that both scholars and activists from different countries like Australia, Canada, India, England and Spain are involved in an attempt to address what they feel is one of society problem not only in the United States but also other countries: Race and its implication on society. The book challenges a different range of racial thinking by drawing ideas from a wide scope of modern scholars thoughts on CRT and the prevalence of racial inequality in …show more content…
These tenets include racism is not ordinary or aberrational, interest convergence, social construction, the notion of intersectionality and anti-essentialism, notion of a unique voice of color. The first tenets suggest that racism is deeply embedded into the social and it is often taken for granted and also viewed as natural (Delgado & Stefancic, 2001). However, racism is not operating in a crude explicit form but rather operating in a more sociopolitical context and increase in a more nuanced way. The second tenets talk about how racism serves more as an advance white supremacy. The interest convergence explains how the greater race in the society operates in a perceived interest of the white to retain their power. And how racial equality can be achieved to interest the black community if only it converges with the interest of the whites, suggesting that the whites are the primary beneficiaries of the civil right legislation. Thirdly, Delgado and Stefancic critically suggest that "social construction" thesis of race and races, are a product of social relations and thought. Therefore, races are a product of what society manipulates and invent for the people to believe. The theory further pointed out that people share certain physical traits like hair texture, skin color, physique, and others. However, the idea of closely related to differential radicalization is a persuasive, powerful and explanatory ability that are often believed to be true. Suggesting that race has its own evolving history and origins. Nevertheless, this is seen as a way in which a particular dominant group shifts the power and needs from a minority group at a different time. Finally, the last tenet talk about the notion of a unique voice of people of color and the thesis suggest that because of the oppression and histories between the people of color and the white, Indian, black, Asian, and Latino thinkers and writers can

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