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Critical Review of Ethics in It

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Authors: Harbert, Tam Source: Computerworld; 10/29/2007, Vol. 41 Issue 44, p34-36, 3p Document Type: Article Company/Entity: CYBER-Ark Software Inc. People: REECE, John ISSN: 00104841 Accession Number: 27392643 Database: Academic Search Complete

This article basically revolves around ethics in IT and how IT employees are involved in activities which are illegal and unethical. It focuses on the pornographic and other illegal activities done in the workplace. It cites the wonders of an information technology (IT) employee regarding the promotion of the man who used the company's personal computer to view pornographic images of Asian women and children. It states that this IT employee was the person who discovered the illegal act of this promoted man. An overview of the detailed incidence of the man's pornographic case, as well as the survey made by Cyber-Ark Software Ltd. to one third of 200 IT employees is offered. John Reece, chief information officer at the International Revenue Service and Time Warner Inc., said that the corporate policy will take place when the law stops governing workplace ethics. - (

Summary This article describes how IT employees in organizations are involved in activities which are illegal and unethical. It reveals a story about an IT director Bryan, who worked at the U.S. Division of a $500 million multinational corporation based in Germany. Bryan found out about a man who was using a company PC to view pornography of Asian women. This guy eventually was promoted and he moved to China to run a manufacturing plant. This company in which the man worked had an internet usage policy which clearly stated that the use of company computers to view pornographic...

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