Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision Making

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I think there have been many times in my life where I have used the principles of critical thinking in making sexual decisions ( and many when I have let attraction and emotions guide my decision making).It has always been much harder to put critical thinking into practice when I let my emotions get in the way. However I believe that the basic principles of critical thinking apply in most situations you need to ask yourself the questions that apply to that particular situation. I believe that the time when principles of critical thinking were most important in my decision to have sex, were when my ex husband and I were near the end of our relationship and he said he wanted to have another child, in the attempt to save our relationship.
I had to ask my self questions like:
How would this decision affect those around us (our children, parents ect..)?
How would having sex with the intent of having a child make me feel about myself?
How would it affect me physically and emotionally?
Am I considering it because I want to or because he is pressuring me?
Would it improve our relationship or make it worse?
I think that the only requirement for using critical thinking is to ask yourself why you are considering a particular course of action. Ask questions that will give you the information (incoming and what you already know), to determine your actions. Critical thinking enables me to ask the right questions so that I might arrive at the correct answers, which in turn becomes a guide for me to reach sensible decisions.…...