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Critical Thinking Reflection Paper

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Critical Reflection Paper
Tacara Whitely
INF 103 Computer Literacy
Instructor Frederic Hibbler
Ashford University
September 9, 2013

Social networks allow people to connect for a variety of reasons in a digital environment. You might join LinkedIn to meet business contacts, MySpace to find a band member, or Facebook to see pictures of old friends and meet new ones. Whatever environment you decide to be a part of, posting information about you has become an issue of concern. What are those concerns? I mean what is the big deal about privacy?

There are many concerns when it comes to becoming a part of a social environment and posting information about you. As Dave Awl said, “An ounce of discretion is worth a ton of privacy setting” (Awl, 2009, p. 52), you compromise your privacy to so many people other than friends, family and business associates that are already given open access to your life. There are law enforcement, government agencies, hackers, predators and so many more that are also watching you on these sites. Although there are some privacy settings, as a general rule it is good to remember that if you post something on Facebook, there are no secrets. Bad behaviors on social sites have real-world consequences. Being on the internet there really is no privacy and it’s not a bad thing because something that someone could post or say may have an impact on many others in a positive way. This could have the opposite effect as well. The internet clearly has impacted the world unlike it ever has before in the past. What’s important is to be very careful what you do on the internet because people are watching all over the country, and in order to maintain some type of security for yourself you have to be very cautious.

How is searching in a specific database, such as Ashford’s library, different from searching in Bing, Google, or Yahoo?


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