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Critically Reflective Account of My Experience of Mentoring and Assessing a Student in Practice

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Critically Reflective Account of My Experience of Mentoring and Assessing a Student in Practice

Carole Smith

Student Number COX07411185

Module Title: Supporting Learning and Assessment in Practice
Module No: GM6411

Attempt: First

Deadline Date: August 1 2008

Submission Date: August 1 2008

Word Count: 2000

For this assignment I will give an account of my experience while mentoring and assessing a 2nd year student nurse during a six week placement. I will critically reflect on the experience, looking at learning theories, giving feedback and the importance of reflecting on experiences in practice. For reasons of confidentiality I will refer to my student as Sam. A mentor can be defined as a nurse that has reached the Nursing and Midwifery Councils (NMC) mentor requirement and has achieved the knowledge, skills and competence required to assess a pre-registration student nurse in practice placement (NMC 2006). The NMC (2006) has also identified eight mandatory standards that nurses must achieved to become a mentor they include Establishing effective working relationships, Facilitation of learning, Assessment of accountability, Evaluation of learning, Creating an environment for learning, Context of practice, Evidence based practice and leadership. An alternative definition of a mentor as defined by English National Board (ENB) & Department Of Health (DOH 2001: P6) is “The term Mentor is used to denote the role of the nurse, midwife, or health visitor who facilitates learning; and supervises and assesses students in the practice setting”. These definitions clearly outline what the role of a mentor entails. However, this has been challenged by Morton-Cooper and Palmer (2003), who suggests the definition, includes assisting the student...

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