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Critigue of Professional Values

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Critique of Professional Values: The Case of BSN-RN Completion Education

Winston-Salem State University School of Health Sciences Division of Nursing

The researchers were trying to address the professional values of RN-BSN students in completion of their education. The authors clearly stated the problem throughout the research study. The problem is very important and impacts the nursing practice today. The article explains how the RN-BSN professional values are being perceived in nursing practice today. The continuation education on professional values must be continued after BSN completion. The importance is necessary for nurses to continue with instilling the professional values throughout their career. This article is easily researched on line and anyone can access it for reading purposes.
The purpose of the research was to explain few questions about the differences in the perception of professional values correspond with nurses who are currently practicing. If the differences do exist, the question would be are the differences related to educational background or other factors professional values. The purpose of the study is explained clearly throughout the article and background information was provided by the authors from previous similar studies which supported their conclusions. They research concept of the Professional Values: The Case for RN-BSN Completion Educations was conceptually defined in the study report. The purpose was stated in the discussion of the article because the focus was on RN-BSN completion programs and the emphasis on adopting professional values....

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