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ASHFORD CRJ 422 Week 1 DQ 1 Final Capstone Project Preparation

For more course tutorials visit Final Capstone Project Preparation. Review the Final Capstone Project in Week Five and select the issue in social and criminal justice that you will address. Identify and develop your thesis statement and your resolution for your chosen issue. This will be your initial version of the thesis statement for the Final Capstone Project, but expect that it will evolve after receiving feedback from your instructor and classmates. At the end of the learning week, reflect back on the feedback your classmates and instructor have provided.
Reference your textbook, Chapter 1.2, or the Writing Center for help with constructing your thesis statement.
ASHFORD CRJ 422 Week 1 DQ 2 Criminal Justice Effectiveness

For more course tutorials visit Criminal Justice Effectiveness. The U.S. criminal justice system is in a constant balancing act between the rights of individuals and the need to protect citizens from harm. Most individual rights are found in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, as listed in Chapter 8.1 of your textbook.
Review these individual rights and provide your opinion on whether or not the effectiveness of the criminal justice system is hindered by individual liberties. Provide at least two specific details or examples to support your opinion. You may choose to draw these examples from your life and work experiences or from the Ashford University Library’s Westlaw database (contains documents and reviews of court cases).

ASHFORD CRJ 422 Week 1 Journal Article Critical Analysis

For more course tutorials visit Journal Article Critical Analysis. Utilizing the information gained from your reading of Chapters 4 and 5 of the text critically analyze one of the five scholarly articles found in Chapter 10 of the text. Choose an article that best relates to your thesis or could potentially be used to support your position in the Final Capstone Project.
In a critical analysis of the article, complete the following:
§ Provide the formal APA citation of the source.
§ Summarize the article’s thesis and main points in one or two paragraphs, at maximum.
§ Critically evaluate the relevance of the data used to support the thesis of the article.
§ Evaluate the significance of the sources, including whether they are primary or secondary sources.
§ Provide examples of either the presence of bias or lack of bias evidenced by the authors.
§ Critique (as defined in Chapter 5) the accuracy, acceptability, strengths and weaknesses, and overall soundness of the article. In your critique, consider whether or not the authors persuaded you with their viewpoints.
§ Using source “treeing,” as described in Chapter 4.1 of your text, find two related scholarly articles and explain how the articles you found could be used to support or contradict the premise and findings of the article being critiqued.

ASHFORD CRJ 422 Week 2 DQ 1 Final Capstone Project Outline

For more course tutorials visit Final Capstone Project Outline. Looking ahead at your Final Capstone Project in Week Five, provide an outline highlighting the major points of your project for review and discussion among your classmates and instructor. In your outline, include at least five major ideas your Final Capstone Project will address, with brief (one to two sentence) explanations for each. At the end of this week, reflect back on the feedback your classmates and instructor have provided.
Your outline content should be entered directly into the body of the discussion. Do not attach a Word document.
As with all well-researched and organized writing, your topic (first) sentences of your paragraphs contain the major ideas of your paper. Therefore, this outline can be used in the construction of the body of your Final Capstone Project in Week Five.

ASHFORD CRJ 422 Week 2 DQ 2 Social Justice Through Criminal Justice

For more course tutorials visit Social Justice Through Criminal Justice. Examine the laws discussed in Chapter 9, which protect individual freedoms and the implementation of criminal justice policies. Provide at least three examples of how the U.S. criminal justice system simultaneously advances notions of social justice, while also protecting the rights of the accused. Can the criminal justice system be more effective in advancing notions of social justice? How?

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