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Crm and Dss System

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A study of the integration between CRM systems and Decision Support System
(Efficient support for multi levels of management in the organization)

Nehad Omar Mohamed
Arab Academy for Science &Technology & Maritime Transport Faculty of computer science and information systems Department of Information system (Decision Support Systems) Cairo, Egypt

This paper reports the results of a study into the Integration between customer relationship management systems (CRM) including different level of functionality with decision support systems(DSS),and analyzes the role played by the information system and its component, briefing simple steps of building a CRM system with quality to avoid the popular known problems of integration between systems trying to produce a clear data with enough degree of quality to be used the DSS system to support different levels of management in the organization to put their strategies based on expected number of customer. A combination of survey and case studies research approach was used.

is a way of knowledge and can establish a correspondence between an object identified and a general system.
In a systemic approach CRM helps organization to manage their customers, their prospects and their sales. CRMs can be either web-based or stand-alone systems and can keep track of people, their relationships to the organization , whom they work for, what they're doing, what they're thinking about buying and how often they contact you(as an organization ), among an incredible number of other options. Some use CRMs for other purposes - such as keeping track of technical support or marketing goals - but the majority of users find particular use keeping track of prospects, opportunities and other sales information. The benefits of using a CRM for you or your organization are a more streamlined sales process, increased customer...

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