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“CRM is a Business Strategy whose outcomes optimize profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction by implementing customer-centric processes” (Garther)
Nowadays, in order to help any business to achieve their main goals, many companies have chosen to implement a Customer Relationship Management strategy to deal with their customers. Identifying relationships between the business goals and CRM implementation is necessary for any business,
The implementation of business strategy means the usage of appropriate methods and business processes in that way, which will effectively improve the relationships with your customers. In some cases it may require planning and executing marketing campaigns, driving leads to sales and ensuring that customers are being served quickly and in lowest cost. The main goal of implementing CRM into a company is to combine business processes, IT tools and people.
The process of choosing strategies to implement CRM may depend on the priorities of the business.
To implement CRM strategies business must cover 4 main areas: 1) Culture – The values and practices shared by the company’s employees. 2) Structure – The restructuration of every department within organization to deliver all necessary information to customers. 3) Process – The process of combining employees into one group (from time to time) to acquire communication and interaction skills 4) Technology - Introduction of new technologies in order to facilitate and organize the work process
As a technology tool Mashkin Group Inc. used a 3 major platforms for each of their three main divisions. Fist program was designed to utilize an inexpensive, off-the-shelf system with limited capabilities to store names, telephone numbers, and notes of salespeople. A second program was used by the IT department, to update the database for new arriving clients and this program...

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