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Crm & Ecrm Practice by Grameenphone

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(1.1) Background of the study :
At the very arena of globalization and technological innovation, Telecommunication business has become more competitive. To cope up with this, telecommunication should have huge theoretical knowledge and professional skill as well as technical basis. As a BBA student, I felt that telecommunication is an excellent area to gather some practical knowledge. With a view to develop skilled professional in this area, BRAC University has undertaken the internship-training program for its BBA students. As a partial and essential requirement of the BBA degree, on authority’s instruction I have selected the Grameen Phone to acquire some practical experience in telecommunication industry. It would not be out of place to mention here that during the course of the program I had to perform several duties.

(1.2) Origin of the Report :
As I am doing intern in GrameenPhone Customer Service Devision so I think to work on eCRM is a good field for me to acquire knowledge, how can eCRM help to give best service. As per my course instructor instruction I have submitted my report which is about “eCRM, and eCRM practices in Grameenphone and its impact”.
I choose this topic because at present time, we know the most growing industry in our country is mobile telecom industry. And the companies in this industry fight each other really hard to attract more customers. And here customer relation management plays a vital role. Because its help the companies to retain their present customer long time. Which make them more profitable. Cause we know retain the present customer is less costly then attract new customer. And maintain the customer relationship they used many types of web based tool. Those web based tools called eCRM.

(1.3) Objective :
General Objective:
 How the company provides the service in an efficient way to the customer...

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