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Crm in Banking

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National Seminar on Ethical Imperatives for Contemporary Business Organisations
20th & 21st January, 2012

Venue of the Seminar Seminar Hall, I.T.S- Institute of Management 46, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida-201308 Ph: 0120-2331000/1062/1069, 9212180556 E Mail ID: Website:

About I.T.S-The Education group
I.T.S is a fast growing education group in Northern India. Established in 1995 with its first campus at Ghaziabad, the Group has more than 700 faculty members and 9000 students in 8 Institutions located at 4 campuses. With the prime objective of providing quality education and building on its reputation, the l.T.S Group has evolved as a brand amongst the premier educational institutions in the field of Management, Information Technology, Engineering, Dental, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Paramedical Sciences and related vocational courses. The vision of I.T.S - The Education Group is "Creating a Thinking Professional Order", and the group makes incessant endeavors to create learning processes in response to the changing managerial paradigms.

About ITS-Institute of Management
I.T.S - Institute of Management aims to provide excellence in management education and intends to become first choice for management aspirants. The Institute is strategically located at Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida in National Capital Region (NCR). Greater Noida was strategically conceptualized to be an industrial centre for growth of industrial units with knowledge parks for imparting management education, engineering education and other areas of education. I.T.S – Institute of Management offers AICTE approved two years full time PGDM programme. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified institution which has received Rashtriya Shiksha Shiromani Award in 2010 for imparting quality management...

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Customer Profitability Analysis (CPM) is a strategy-linked approach to identifying the relative profitability of different customers or customer segments in order to devise strategies that add value to most-profitable customers, make less-profitable customers more profitable, stop or reduce the erosion of profit by unprofitable customers, or otherwise focus on long-term customer profitability. Businesses often employ two systems to make sure business processes run efficiently, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. A CRM system deals with managing valuable customer data and enriching it through interactions with marketing and customer support. An ERP system generally handles customer information that is required once orders have been placed. Both CRM and ERP systems independently offer substantial benefits to businesses. Once both systems are integrated it will allow for connectivity between the two, providing even more advantages to businesses. With CRM and ERP integration, organizations can focus more on driving new business and less on the hassles of trying to make data available. Customer profitability analysis attempts to analyze, manage, and improve customer profitability. Activity based costing (ABC) has created a framework for companies to examine more closely the causes of their costs in order to improve management decisions and corporate profitability. Companies initially focused on product profitability are now using ABC......

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