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Crm Systems and Implementation

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These are some of the key features for which AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR applies CRMsoftware:

Sales management shares customer information between sales, serviceand parts departments

Vehicle management gives complete vehicle data along with sales,service and financial history, as well as dealer and license information andowner and contact information

Activity and e-mail management systems link e-mails with associatedcontacts, leads and opportunities

Service management increases customer loyalty by enabling consistent,personalized interaction across all customer touch points including,telephone, e-mail, Web, wireless devices and in-person meetings.

Tata Motors implemented Oracle's Siebel Automotive, a comprehensivecustomer relationship management (CRM) solution designed specifically forcompanies in the automotive industry. Seamlessly integrated with Tata Motors’dealer management system and SAP back-office applications, Siebel Automotivehas delivered significant benefits across the extended organization, includingimproved customer satisfaction, increased revenue and productivity, andreduced costs. By tightly integrating Siebel Automotive and its dealermanagement system, TATA has streamlined transactions and ensured thatdealers capture customer data as a part of their normal operations. The solutionprovides a 360-degree view of customers to the extended organization, withappropriate visibility controls to ensure that one dealer is not privy toinformation from another. To further enlist dealer support, Tata Motors involveddealers throughout the solution configuration and deployment process.“Integrating Siebel Automotive with our dealer management system ensuredthat our dealers would immediately see the value in the solution,” Sreenivasanexplains. “This has helped us overcome the usual resistance to change and gainrapid acceptance from our dealers.” Siebel…...

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Crm Customer Relationship Management From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support.[1] The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients to return, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service.[2] Customer relationship management describes a company-wide business strategy including customer-interface departments as well as other departments.[3] Measuring and valuing customer relationships is critical to implementing this strategy.[4] Contents  [hide]  * 1 Benefits of Customer Relationship Management * 2 Challenges * 2.1 Complexity * 2.2 Poor usability * 3 Fragmentation * 3.1 Business reputation * 3.2 Security, privacy and data security concerns * 4 Types/variations * 4.1 Sales force automation * 4.2 Marketing * 4.3 Customer service and support * 4.4 Appointment * 4.5 Analytics * 4.6 Integrated/collaborative * 4.7 Small business * 4.8 Social media * 4.9 Non-profit and membership-based * 5 Strategy * 6 Implementation * 6.1 Implementation issues * 6.2 Adoption issues * 6.3 Statistics *......

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