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Crm with Customer Loyalty

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One of the modern skills required in the present competitive business world is winning new customers and retaining the existing ones. Thus, business strategists and practitioners are giving great importance to Customer Relationship and Customer Loyalty; irrespective of the nature and size of the business. Today the banking industry more concentrates with the customer relationship and customer loyalty. So bankers are to achieve their goal with the help of e-banking services. E-Banking is a young way for banks to reach new and old customers. Timely adoption of E-Banking is significant for all banks to have secure future business. Banks are facing extremely intensive competition from non-banking sector, thus they have adopted a more aggressive approach to fight competitors for financial services’ market share. To make this study more authentic primary data is collected from the respondents of Tiruchirappalli District and statistical tools are used for analysis and reach on valid conclusion.

Key words:Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and E-Banking


As bank wants move very nearer to the customers, increase its basic operational strategies, move towards international trade and need of quick transfer of money etc., and sothere are using theElectronic Banking services. E-Bankinggenerally implies a service that allows customers to use some form of computer to access account – specific information and possibly conduct transactions from a remote location-such as at home or at the workplace. In this system the bank has a centralized database that is web-enabled. The traditional branch model of bank is now giving place to an alternative delivery channels with various forms of E-banking. Once the branch offices of bank are interconnected through...

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