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Crm in New Age Banking

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| ABSTRACT: The pulse of this era says that for a successful venture customer relationship management (CRM) is to recognized as a widely acceptable concept. In simple words to understand CRM we can consider it another name for the banker customer relationship. Macro-economic factors like globalization, liberalization and modernization has given it a new form. Today’s CRM requires real time interaction than that of the earlier times. Focus of various banks has changed from attracting customers to retaining as well as attracting new customers. Ensuring safety and at the same time efficiently utilizing resources is need of hour.The report presented is an initiative to address the issues and status of CRM with focus on evolution and background of this concept. How the technology has helped CRM in new age banking is also discussed here. | CRM IN NEW AGE BANKING |


CONTENTS 1. Abstract 2

2. Introduction 3

3. Evolution of CRM 4

4. Customer relationship management 5

5. Overview of Indian banking sector 7

6. CRM in new age 12

7. Role of IT in CRM implementation 14

8. Present scenario 18

9. Conclusion 20

The pulse of this era says that for a successful venture customer relationship management (CRM) is to recognized as a widely acceptable concept. In simple words to understand CRM we can consider it another name for the banker customer relationship. Macro-economic factors like globalization, liberalization and modernization has given it a new form. Today’s CRM requires real time interaction than that of the earlier times. Focus of various banks has changed from attracting...

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