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Cross Cultural Perspective Management

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A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Labor Relations

Flavia Melo

Pilar Asensio

Pollyana Sobreira

Stephanie Rais

Thi Minh Vo


1. Practical Issues to be considered



1. Background

2. Managing Diversity

3. Competitive Advantage



1. Training Local Staff

2. Fast Food wages scandal in China


1. Arguments in defense VII. CONCLUSSION



The report is a discussion of the different perspectives of labor relations in McDonalds located in 2 different countries, which are India and China.
Our report is partly based on some aspects of ‘Managing Diversity’ in the workplace and also about International Human Resource Management. The topic is quite complex. The management of this global company involves dealing with cultural issues but at the same time sharing similar practices. The first part of this report contains the case study which involves some aspects of how McDonald’s manages diversity and also the techniques in the HR department which allow the company to leverage diversity to their advantage. The main point that should be considered in the analysis of the organization is whether or not McDonald’s is effectively integrating culturally diverse employees. We try to answer this question based on relevant theories of diversity.
1. Practical issues to be considered: 1. How their diverse work force contributed to the company’s international growth? 2. How corporate has managed to use their diversity as a tool to create a competitive advantage amongst fast-food chains? 3. What are the challenges...

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