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In this paper, I will explain what CrossFit Training is and what the benefits are compared to a typical exercise program of isolated muscular training combined with a cardio workout. I will also examine the impacts that CrossFit Training has had on college athletes and athletic teams as a whole at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford (UPB). I will look into what teams have the most athletes with experience with CrossFit training, how many UPB athletes have used it on their own time or during the offseason, and the general feeling towards CrossFit Training and its effectiveness in improving fitness.
In the physical fitness realm, there are many different kinds of exercise programs. There are programs that focus on dancing, ones that focus on stretching, and ones that focus on core strength and conditioning. CrossFit Training is an example of a core strength and conditioning program. It was developed to enhance an individual’s overall ability to complete physical tasks by incorporating many different forms of exercise, from gymnastics to weightlifting (Glassman, 2002). CrossFit Training is different from the popularly accepted idea of a workout because it’s not just situps, curls, leg press, and a half an hour of cardio. CrossFit is all about combining movements and shorter, high intensity cardiovascular sessions (Glassman, 2002). For every long distance effort, a CrossFit athlete will do five or six at a short distance. This is implemented because compound movements and high intensity anaerobic cardio (cardio that doesn’t expend oxygen) are more effective at achieving any fitness result that could be desired, which is a statement based in scientific fact, not opinion (Glassman, 2002). Even though this is scientifically supported, the common method for working out is the old way of isolated muscular exercise combined with cardio.…...

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