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Hickory Ridge Golf Club Case Study
Greg Hamilton purchased the Hickory Ridge Golf Club in 1988. This publicly nine-hole golf course was located in Columbia, South Carolina. HRGC initially opened in 1957 as an 18-hole, par-71 golf course by a family who go by the name Williams and who also owned the land it sat upon. Williams’s family sold the course in 1964; the business had been exchanged between many purchasers before getting cut back to a nine-hole 35-par course by the McAlister’s. The McAlister’s who were in the construction business brought the golf course in 1978 making major renovations to the course. McAlister had not sufficiently maintained the clubhouse or the course adequately while in ownership of the land; he took the “back nine” and built a housing development as well. When Hamilton purchased his life-long dream of owning a golf course, he inherent a business in need of major fairway repairs, inefficient equipment, one old tractor, mowers in vital condition, and also former employees. Mr. Hamilton began his repairs with building an office in the back of the clubhouse. He also purchased 12 used club car electric carts, the pond was refurbished, he installed a pro shop, updated the snack bar with hot meals and alcohol beverages, purchased an 30 horse-power pump irrigation system on all the greens and on 5 of the 9 fairways. He also revamped and filled turf grass that was eroded and structured prices. Mr. Hamilton assigned two men both with many years of experience and knowledge of the golf industry to help refurbish HRGC. John Clayton was grass keeper his job was to maintain the greens, fairways, and rough but not limit to. Harold Valentino was the architect and mechanic his job was to apply his chemical and agronomist abilities to improve the business. A marketing research project survey was conducted on April of 1989 by the University of…...

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Hampton Inn HR strategy. This guarantee allows every Hampton Inn employee to do whatever it takes to satisfy guests- including giving them their money back. Furthermore, every employee would go through a three-day training program, they knew that the guarantee ”100% satisfaction” was something special. It became more and more apparent that the new Hampton Inn guarantee would affect all of their jobs, each team member owns this promise to every guest: friendly service, clean rooms, comfortable surroundings, every time. That’s their commitment and guarantee. The Hampton Inn believes that guests who go away impressed with the way that the company handled a problem will spread the word and generate additional business for the chain. As a result of this, the Hampton Inn has been making profits, this indicates that the strategies put in place Human resource strategies have been effective and have assisted the resorts in increasing their sales and turnover and eventually higher profits. Therefore, Hampton's new HR strategy perfectly fit with the hotel's business strategy. Question2. How does Hampton's new HR strategy allow the hotel to deal with environment threats more effectively? Answer: For many companies, improving quality standards and keeping customers satisfied are key concerns in maintaining a competitive position in the marketplace. But these intangible goals often can be difficult to achieve in practice. For the Hampton Inn hotel chain, the company sits on the bedrock of......

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...Final report INDEX Amber Inn & Suites, Inc. 2 Summary 2 Question 3 Answer 3 Explanation 4 Teaching Notes 7 GloFish, LLC 8 Summary 8 Question 10 Answer 10 Explanation 11 Teaching Notes 20 Amber Inn & Suites, Inc. Summary * Time: Late in the afternoon on April 4, 2005 * Company profile: Amber Inn Suites, Inc. is positioned as limited service hotel between economy hotels and full service hotels in US. The company locates its properties on premium sites on major highways close to suburban industrial and office complexes, airports, and large regional shopping centers for the most part. Urban, downtown locations have been avoided. And the service mission is to provide principally business travelers with clean and comfortable quest accommodations in convenient locations at reasonable price. ◎ Organization Board of Directors President & CEO Joseph James VP Grace SVP Elizabeth SVP Finance SVP Lodging Op SVP Players: 1. Joseph James is the new president & CEO of Amber Inn Suites, Inc. 2. Kelly Elizabeth is Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. 3. Catherine Grace is Vice-President of Advertising. Fiscal 2005 was projected to be the fifth consecutive unprofitable year for Amber Inn & Suites, Inc. The new president of Amber inn &suite inquired that each of company’s four senior vice-presidents was to prepare a one hour presentation that described (1) his or her initiatives,......

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