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Dear Mr. Schumacher,

Thank you very much for your willingness to allow us to visit your farm and business establishment. We really appreciate consent.

Below is the list of question we would like to ask you when we eventually we get to do the tour. There might be other question we might be asking that did not pop up now until we see your facility.

Intended questions to be asked

1. How many people patronize the facility annually?
2. Is the facility used during all seasons of the year?
3. If it is, what are the busy season and a slower season?
4. Which category of people often rent the facility?
5. What does the rental agreement consist of?
6. Do the customers pay by the hour or is a flat rate? How was this decided?
7. How many people is the space designed for?
8. What is provided with the rental cost? Do customers have to use the facility caterer or can they bring in their own food?
9. How many staff members are employed? Does the staffing vary by season?
10. What kind of services do you offer?
11. Do you have parking spaces for this facility?
12. How many vehicles can fit that parking lot?
13. What is the size of the parking lot?
14. Do you have a cooling and heating system in the rental facility?
15. How much revenue and net income does the facility been rented generate for a year?
16. How did you obtain, and how long does it take to receive the rental permit?
17. What is the payment schedule and cancellation policy on rentals?
18. Did you encounter problems because of any laws, zoning issues, etc.?
19. What is your goal profit margin and how was this determined? Is this consistent in the industry? Different? How so?
20. What financial pitfalls should our client consider?
21. How do you obtain information about this industry? How do you keep current with trends, cycles, etc.?

Your reply to the questions including any other…...

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