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Crtical Thinking Mgt 350

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MGT 350

Critical Thinking Critical thinking is a very important in life, but probably more is it important than in the workplace. Inside the workplace can be hectic, and it can be easy for a person to be overwhelmed. There are assignments to complete, deadlines to be met, coworkers and management that have to be consulted with regarding strategies. With all these things going on inside the workplace, a person can easily lose focus which is why critical thinking is very important when inside the workplace. When a person is can properly critical think they are more likely to be to make calculated decisions, instead of making a rational choice a person thinks the problem through and considers the pro’s and the cons. In the social working field a person has to always have to be in my thinking because I work with the public and that can be a very stressful situation. I am case manager for “The Center for Family Resources,” which is a nonprofit organization that helps families with children under the age of 18 with rent assistance, food assistance, transitional housing, and G.E.D. programs. It is a stressful environment because we’re dealing with families who are desperate for help, and every day we encounter someone who at anytime can get hostile because if we cannot assist a person can get angry and volatile. So it is very important that a person in my position thinks before reacting because at the end of the day client is just trying to help too help his or her family. In my organization I am...

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