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Additional Science B Unit 1 Modules B3, C3, P3 Specimen Paper
Candidates answer on the question paper: Additional materials: ruler (cm/mm), calculator

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• • • • • • • • Write your name, centre number and candidate number in the boxes above. Answer all the questions. Write your answers on the dotted lines unless the question says otherwise. Use blue or black ink. Pencil may be used for graphs and diagrams only. Read each question carefully and make sure you know what you have to do before starting your answer. There is a space after most questions. Use it to do your working. In many questions marks will be given for a correct method even if the answer is incorrect. Do not write in the bar code. Do not write in the grey area between the pages. DO NOT WRITE IN THE AREA OUTSIDE THE BOX BORDERING EACH PAGE. ANY WRITING IN THIS AREA WILL NOT BE MARKED.

• • The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part question. The total number of marks for this paper is 60.

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Specimen Paper: Additional Science B

1 Answer all questions. Section 1 1. (a) Janet’s class is investigating the directions that roots and shoots grow. They grow bean seeds in jam jars.

They put the beans in different positions. They let them grow on a window sill for a few days. These are their results.

Describe these results. Explain why the shoots and roots grow in these directions. Shoots ............................................................................................................................................…...

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...4, Apr 2013, CEST. Welcome to the beta version of Econ Stats, the Economic Statistics Database service provided by Country or Region: The World › Change country Price Index Indicator: Crude Oil (Petroleum) Price Index - Includes Dated Brent, West Texas Intermediate, And The Dubai Fateh › See all The World indicators Detailed Analysis for Year: 2010 › Change year Full Dataset: from 1980 to 2016 Dataset updated: 1st August 2011 Datasource: International Monetary Fund (IMF) National or Regional Currency: US Dollar Currency Symbol: US$ The APSP denotes an equally weighted average of three crude oil spot prices - West Texas Intermediate (WTI), Dated Brent (Brent), and Dubai Fateh (Dubai). The prices of these crude oils tend to move together according to the inequality WTI > Brent > Dubai. Their price differentials reflect differences in American Petroleum Institute (API) measure of gravity, sulfur content, and overall weight. The WTI spot price refers to the physical delivery price for a barrel of WTI deliverable to Cushing, Oklahoma. The WTI price is frequently mentioned in the financial press, and is often described as the 'headline' oil price. The Brent spot price is the physical delivery price for a barrel of either Dated Brent (UK), Forties (Norway), or Oseberg (Norway) to Sullom Voe, United Kingdom (in the Shetland Islands). The Dubai Fateh spot price refers to the physical price for a barrel of Dubai Fateh deliverable in the Arabian...

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...I. The extraction of petroleum dates all the way back to 1878, in the Santa Elena Peninsula. In Ecuador, minerals are owned by the government and developed through government entities. In 1964, Petro Ecuador, which is Ecuador's state oil company and Texaco Petroleum, created a business partnership called a consortium, to produce oil in the Orient region of the Amazon. Texaco Petroleum's was under a 28-year concession agreement with the government. During this time period plaintiffs believe, the company is responsible for billions of gallons of oil dumped in the region. Also, that this pollution has caused the loss of livelihood, and the widespread health problems including 1,400 related deaths. When Chevron took over Texaco in 2001, they acquired this lawsuit. Today, Chevron is not involved in producing oil in Ecuador. A. One of the issues following Chevron is whether or not Chevron had the proper jurisdiction as a corporation to operate outside our national borders, in Ecuador. As a corporation the first step in moving operation into other countries, is first receiving approval form the share holds. Corporations must seek proper approval from there shareholders before seeking many changes. Corporations often engage in an acquisition of other corporation by a friendly merger. A merger happens when two corporation come together. One corporation is absorbed into the other corporation. However the merged corporation ceases to exist, leaving the surviving...

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... momentum, it is much harder for corporations and money to stifle and silence. The key to creating these transnational advocacy networks, as seen in Crude, is the presence and backing of a Non-Governmental Organization, or NGO, as Steven R. Donziger (the American Lawyer seen in the case) helped get the popularly called “Amazonian Chernobyl” into the headlines and eventual coverage support by Vanity Fair. As seen in Crude, and defined in Art and Jervis International Politics, “NGOs play a central role in all advocacy networks, usually initiating actions and pressuring more powerful actors to take positions. NGO’s introduce new ideas, provide information, and lobby for policy changes.” (Keck & Sikkink, 1998: p.275). Vanity Fair did just that by getting the news of this incredibly cruel, disastrous negligence out to the entire world, and by doing so the Lago Agrio case gained momentum worldwide in support of Pablo Fajardo, the lead attorney, and forced the attention and activism of Rafael Correa, the President of the Republic of Ecuador at the time. There is a fine line sometimes between the necessary interventions of NGO’s. In the case of the Lago Agrio Oil Field, it was crucial that the voice of some 30,000 plus individuals be heard and recognized for being directly exposed to toxic petrol waste and chemical endangerment of their water supply and wildlife. In a case presented in Art and Jervis, International Politics; NGOs: Fighting Poverty, Hurting the Poor (Mallaby,......

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...How Crude Oil Prices Affect Gas Prices Crude oil prices make up 71% of the price of gasoline. The rest of what you pay at the pump depends on refinery and distribution costs, corporate profits, and Federal taxes. Usually, these costs remain stable, so that the daily change in the price of gasoline accurately reflects oil price fluctuations. (Source: EIA, FAQ, December 6, 2013) It usually takes about six weeks for oil price changes to work their way through the distribution system to the gas pump. Oil prices are a little more volatile than gas prices. This means oil prices might rise higher, and fall farther, than gas prices. Historical Oil and Gas Prices: Oil and gas prices have been especially volatile since the 2008 financial crash. Here's a look at their peaks and valleys, and what caused the price swings. * 2014 - Prices remained around $100/barrel. That's because the U.S. has plenty of shale oil. 2013 - Oil rose swiftly to $118.90/barrel on February 8, sending gas prices to $3.85 by February 25. Prices had started rising earlier than normal thanks to Iran's threatening war games near the Straits of Hormuz. What Causes High Oil Prices?: Like most of the things you buy, oil prices are affected by supply and demand. More demand, like the summer driving season, drives higher prices. There is usually less demand in the winter, since only the Northeast U.S. uses heating oil. However, oil prices are also affected by oil price futures, which are traded on the...

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.... ........................................................................................................................................[1] (b) Sodium and potassium are stored under oil. Explain why. ............................................................................................................................................ ........................................................................................................................................[2] Specimen Paper: Additional Science B 9 (c) Look at the diagram of a sodium atom. part A x x xx x x x xx electron xx x (i) What is the name of part A? ........................................................................................................................................[1] (ii) What is the charge on an electron? Choose from: negative neutral positive ........................................................................................................................................[1] [Total: 5] Specimen Paper: Additional Science B 10 6. Jamie and Gulam heat copper carbonate. Look at the diagram. It shows the apparatus they use. They use solution X to test for carbon dioxide. (a) (i) Write down the name of solution X. ........................................................................................................................................[1] (ii) What happens to solution X as carbon......

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...MICROECONOMICS TERM PAPER: AN OVERVIEW OF THE CRUDE OIL INDUSTRY Group 3: ASEEM ROHATGI | PGP 14 -010 | DHEER VORA | PGP 14 -015 | KARANVIR SIDANA | PGP 14 -025 | PURBASHISH GANGULY | PGP 14-046 | SIDDHI AGARWAL | PGP 14 -067 | SPREHA KANIKA | PGP 14 -069 | THE CRUDE OIL INDUSTRY Crude oil industry is the largest industry in the world in terms of dollar value. Crude oil or petroleum satisfies almost 33.6% of the world energy needs. It is also the most traded energy resource in the world. The demand side factors are guided by the energy needs of the world which is still dependent on non-renewable sources, while supply is determined by oil rich countries. The prices are fluctuating owing to influence of the spot market. Trends in Demand An above average GDP growth in non OECD countries has significantly pushed the demand for all types of energy in an upward direction. Where the consumption of energy by OECD countries has remained steady with the growth rate of 0.9%, the non-OECD nation’s growth rate reached 5.5% in 2010. Even though there has been a significant upsurge in all types of energy, oil still remains the world’s leading fuel. In the current scenario, where the global oil consumption is surging, the production is unable to match such high growth. In the year 2011, the demand grew by 3.1% whereas the increase in supply was only for 2.1%, attributing to the implementation of OPEC production interruptions since late 2008. Therefore the...

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...Crude Oil Summary; Back in February 2014, posted an astonishing report on the US government's trade restrictions on its own oil industry. While other governments protect their home industries and give preference to their own national interests, by a convoluted path of logic, successive administrations in the US stymied the producers of crude oil in the USA. You can read that full report here: Oil Export Ban Hurts US Oil Industry. However, moves are now afoot to ease this restriction. By one method or another, the crude oil export ban may be undermined to the point that it is meaningless. This is one more battle in the war between US oil producers, who want the export ban lifted, and US oil refiners, who want to keep the ban. The battleground is the definition of what constitutes "crude" and "refined" oil. Introduction; The export ban on crude oil was put in place following the oil price shock of the 1970s. Arab governments held the Western world hostage by restricting their oil exports and hiking the world oil price. US legislators vowed to insulate their nation from future actions by Middle Eastern governments and put in place a series of measures to ensure a constant supply of oil to US refineries. The crude oil export ban was just one of the measures contained in the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) of 1975. However, the measure skewed the oil trade within the USA greatly in favor of the refining industry who were allowed to...

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...In today's fast paced society we as Americans rely on transportation and communication to support our personal needs, families and careers. For example, transportation, telecommunications, electricity, and manufacturing. Although these vehicles cannot be useful to society unless they're fueled and maintained by other resources such as crude oils, natural gas, coal, renewables, and uranium (nuclear). One area in particular I want to touch on is the creation of electricity. Therefore for the purpose of this paper I will discuss the advantages, and disadvantages of the resources required to produce electricity, their lifecycles, and economy and trade. Power generation is a viable source of producing electricity, and the fuel to support it. For example: Crude Oil - A small percentage of this resource is used in power generation as compared to other sources . Crude oil is pumped from underground reservoirs by drilling rigs, and refined . After the refining process its then transported by ships, pipelines, trucks, or trains for consumption or storage at chosen power plants. At the power plant the crude oil is used in different ways for fuel; such as burning the oils and using combined cycle technologies to produce steam which moves the turbines within the plant. Combined cycle technology is the most efficient way to burn oil at the power plant. The use of crude in power generation does not come free, and it must be purchased in the commodities market at...

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...Alien Article for Crude Oil Crude oil: good or bad? You decide Recently I have discovered an interesting fuel which humans use. It is a sludgy, black, gloopy liquid like fuel called “crude oil”. They have found it in many of the earth’s oceans and I believe it has come from many dead animals piling on top of each other but didn’t decay properly because of the anaerobic conditions making layers of rock. The heat of the rocks and the increased pressure turned the dead animals into crude oil. I have found out that they put crude oil into a machine and separate using an interesting method called fractional distillation. Fractional distillation of crude oil is where they separate out oil into hydrocarbons with similar boiling points, called fractions. Each hydrocarbon fraction contains molecules with similar numbers of carbon atoms. To my understanding I think each of these fractions boils at a different temperature range. That is because the different sizes of their molecules. One bad thing about crude oil is that it can’t be used in its own form, so the humans diffract it into many other things such as petrol, lubricating oil, naphtha, kerosene etc. At the bottom of the fractional column they use longer chains with more carbon atoms and at the top of the fractional column it has a cooler temperature and the chains are quite short. Hydrocarbons with low boiling points can get all the way to the top before they condense. The crude oil is evaporated and its vapours allow it to...

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... almost seems like every time the consumers passes a gas station the cost of fuel has increased. We all know that higher fuel prices mean higher costs everywhere. Prices at Grocery are increased because of the increased price of diesel fuel. The cost is impacts the grocer and then to the consumer. Crude oil is about $111 a barrel. With the continuing increase of crude oil we could reach the $147 a barrel that it reached in 2012. Increases in oil prices leads to cost increases for businesses, which can choose to pass it on to the consumer or not to. Most of the times companies will not, if profits are good they will absorb these costs, ending in lower profits to keep consumer prices down. The USDA forecasts that food costs would increase 4% this year, and that was before gas prices increased. With crude prices going up it dramatically impacts the amount of income consumers have available to them. The family trips that many consumers planned to take a few months ago will change or will be canceled all together. People will choose not to take short trips or shop because of the price of fuel. The cost to power our homes and businesses will also increase, in turn taking away from the shopping, driving, and fun trips to parks, etc. Many will say this is not what is happening. The blame is on government spending, or not analyzing properly. We know what happened in the past so we should have predicted what was going to happen in the......

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...PART I: CASE DESCRIPTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION Crude oil is a mineral oil. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons of natural origin and associated impurities, such as Sulphur according to Energy International Agency. Further explained, under normal surface temperatures and pressure, crude oil is exists in the form of liquid. It has highly variable physical characteristics such as density. Saudi Arabia, Russia, United States, China, and Canada are the top five oil producer countries (2013). As the producer, the countries are daily extracting sum of crude oil barrels through the process of drilling from their reserves. The top five oil consumer countries are United States, China, Japan, India, and Russia (2013). The consumptions are due to the aggressive economy advancement and the fast-paced growth of related industries. It is estimated that due to the current rate of consumption, the worldwide reserves will become depleted by 2040. Forecasted by the International Energy Agency Oil Market Report, more than 93 million barrels of oil and liquid fuels are demanded daily worldwide. Annually, the production is being works out for more than 34 billion barrels. Demand for oil is consistently growing globally. Referring to the basic economics, total output of the crude oil reached its peak and the price of it will gradually rise with the demand. Depletion of oil will result in the falling rate of the production. The prices of oil will rise at a bigger scale. The exploration on the new...

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...What is an environment stating the different kinds/types, define crude oil and liquid bulk giving examples The environment is the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions or influences, milieu etc. The types of environment include natural, business, social and cultural aspects. Crude Oil is a natural product of the mixing of the environmental Spheres. It occurs through the decay of biosphere components and its interaction with the other spheres. This natural mixing produces hydrocarbons which can after retrieval can be refined into diesels, gasoline, heating oil’s etc. Liquid bulk is the term used to define all items with mass which mass have an incompressible fluid form. This form conforms to the shape of its container but retain the same volume independent of pressure. In shipping terms this fluid is poured into large tank spaces known as hold in tankers. Some types of liquid bulk cargo are crude oil, chemicals and liquefied natural gas. Based on the definition of environment, state the positive effects of developing a crude oil port. A crude oil port is a transition station in which crude oil is taken from liquid bulk cargo and kept in storage facilities at the port until transported by bulk oil trucks to various destinations. Crude oil is a flammable substance. Therefore it needs to be transported and transferred between transportation modes. The positives of having a port is that crude oil ports are specifically made to handle this type of gas. In...

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...A : DETERMINATIOPI OF CRUDE FAT OF SUNFLOWER USING SOXHLET APPAATUS ABSTRACT 11e objective of this practical was to determine the crude fat content of sunflower through semi continuous method using Soxhlet apparatus where by 5g of the sample was weighed in to extraction thimble and placed in to the extraction chamber. Then heat was applied to the flask containing the extraction solvent (ethyl ether) and the solvent builds up in the extraction chamber for 5 to 10 minutes and completely surrounds the sample then siphons back to the boiling flask. Fat content is measured by weight loss ofthe sample or by weight of fat extracted. The crude fat content was found to be 449o. Maleki et at.. (2003) reported that the crude fat content of toog of sunflower is 50°ro which is slightly higher as compared to the result obtained. This may be due to inefóciency of Soxhlet methods to extract bound lipids. INTRODUCTION The tota) lipid content of a food is commonly determined by organic solvent extraction methods. The accuracy of these methods greatly depends on the solubility of the lipid in the solvent used and the ability to separate the lipids fom complexes with other macromolecules. The lipid content of a food determined by extraction with one solvent may be quite different from the content determined with another solvent of the different polarity. In addition to solvent extraction methods there are non-solvent wet extraction methods and......

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...News Critique 1 This article describes how the oil industry in Russia is the most polluting of all oil industries in the world. Russia is responsible for 13 percent of the world’s crude oil. With so much piping and an extremely harsh climate leaks are very common and are responsible for 5 million tons of crude being spilled into the environment. The crude oil leaks into soil, destroys plant life, and pollutes rivers and lakes that provide valuable fresh water to the world. Due to the harsh climate, regular maintenance is needed for the pipes so that leaks are controlled and less harmful for the environment. Many other countries leak tons of oil into the environment but take measures to control the pollution. Canada, for example, has similarly harsh climate and does not nearly pollute as much as Russia. Russia’s excuse is that the leaks are not polluting too little oil at a time to be considered a hazard. But over the course of the year, and the extreme number of leaks, 18,000, the amount of oil being spilled piles up and causes severe polluting. Russia usually goes unnoticed for its polluting because most of the oil reservoirs are in very unpopulated areas. Russia needs to realize even though it may be costly to routinely fix oil pipes and may be able to escape persecution because of the unpopulated areas, regular maintenance is important to maintaining the surrounding natural environments for it could have devastating effects on the delicate balance that allows certain......

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