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Clive Staples Lewis

“I want God, you, all my friends, merely to serve my turn.’ (As the Ruin Falls) C.S. Lewis was an atheist his whole life but became a very strong believer of God when he grew older. He wrote “After Prayers Lie Cold” and “As the Ruin Falls” about searching for God, love and happiness. Lewis’ mother died in 1908 when Lewis was only ten years old. His father was never the same after she passed away. Around that time Lewis and his brother were enrolled in boarding school. While at boarding school Lewis became an atheist, which changed his life drastically. During World War I Lewis became very close friends with a man named Paddy Moore. Sadly, Paddy died fighting in the war. Soon after that, Lewis was wounded and was discharged. When Lewis returned home he followed up on a promise that he had made to Paddy that he would take care of Paddy’s mother and sister. Mrs. Moore treated Lewis like a son. Lewis bought a house which he lived in with Paddy’s family up until Mrs. Moore died and his sister was old enough to get along on her own. (About C.S. Lewis)
In 1939 during World War II Lewis and his brother took in children from London seeking refuge from bombings. During that time Lewis wrote one of his greatest books called “The Screwtape Letters”. It was one of Lewis’ best books, but he admits that it was difficult to write. The book was Lewis’ first Christian success. It portrays a person trying to live a Christian life with temptations as seen from the devil’s view. Lewis later got married to Joy Davidson in 1956. He was pretty old at that point. Joy was dying of cancer but they decided to get married anyway. She only lived for three years after they got married but they lived very happily up until then. Lewis then died a few months later in 1898. (Clive Staples Lewis) “For this I bless you as the ruin falls.” (As the Ruin Falls) The theme of this poem is that loving someone can be life changing. Lewis is thanking his wife for teaching him how to love even though he had lived most of his life already. Mrs. Moore was like a mother to him. When his father wasn’t there for him and his mother had passed away, Mrs. Moore became a very good role model. After Lewis’ mother died his father became very angry and Lewis got sent to boarding school. Lewis and his father never had a very good relationship. So with the help of Mrs. Moore and his wife he found out what it was like to love someone and to be loved. (Clive Staples Lewis) Lewis became a very kind and loving man. “Arise small body puppet like and pale.” (After Prayers, Lie Cold) The theme of this poem is that although there are many difficulties in life, if you have faith then everything will turn out okay. Lewis felt that he couldn’t get everything out of life without God. When Lewis finally became a Christian he taught many other people about Christianity. In the twentieth century he wrote several influential books about Christianity. (About C.S. Lewis) Lewis’ life changed drastically once he found God. “I never had a selfless thought since I was born.’ (As the Ruin Falls) Both of his poems are about finding something that changed his life. Finding both love and God taught him to care more about others than himself. He took in children seeking refuge and wrote many inspirational books such as “The Screwtape Letters”. (Clive Staples Lewis) He was also a very loving husband and a great care taker towards Mrs. Moore. C.S. Lewis’ struggles in life helped him become a very successful and famous writer. Throughout his life, his change of faith and relationships with those around him strongly influenced his writing. He died a great author who was respected by many. It appears that in “As the Ruin Falls” and “After Prayers, Lie Cold” that C.S. Lewis truly found God, love, and happiness.

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