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Cs251 Fundamantals of Database Systems Ip 1 - 5


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CS251-1301B-03 Fundamentals of Database Systems
Phase 1 -5 Individual Project
March 24th, 2013

Table of Contents Project Outline 3 Description of the Database Design Life Cycle 4 The Entity Relationship Diagram 7 The Logical Model and Normalization 9 The Microsoft Access Database 11 The Microsoft Access Database Application 14 References: 18

Project Outline

My idea for a project concept is for a granite fabrication and installation company called MasterStoneWorks. We will perform counter sales, contractor and walk-in customer kitchen and bath design, templates, fabrication, installation, and follow-up. To run efficiently (or at all) we must have a centralized DBMS with access for all employees in order to keep track of the progress of the workload and get the products delivered and installed on time. Issues with the process must be immediately known and corrected as this is a high value product with a small profit margin at this point in our economy. Any miscommunication can be disastrous. The MasterStoneWorks database will have the following tables: * Customers * Sales * Installs * Product choices * Costs (wholesale and retail) * Sales people * Project Managers * Templates * Follow-up * Customer support

Description of the Database Design Life Cycle

The seven steps of the SDLC/DBDSL: 1. Concept Planning – This first step is where the need to develop, or improve a system is ascertained along with parameters such as costs, risks, and feasibilities. Roles and responsibilities are designated at this stage. 2. Requirements Analysis – This phase addresses the requirements needed for functioning, support, and training. It begins after the projects parameters have been specified and costs have been allocated. This is where the initial life cycle management plans are

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