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Cybercrime targets both government and private industries with various methods and motives behind them. Those various attack methods can make a significant damage ranging from an individual identity theft based scale to national scale concerning its security as a sovereign nation. In other words, cybercrime equally brings serious concerns for both private industries and government. Also, private industries have an interchangeable relationship with government agencies as client to provide services. Most of utilities-related critical infrastructure systems in every city are mostly managed by private organizations. As we are more depending on technological management of such critical infrastructure and centralization of such system throughout the network, cybercrime targeting those critical infrastructures can have detrimental effects for both private and government sectors. There has been a steady increase in numbers of cybercrime with its benefits over the traditional crime in the past decades. Cyber criminals are getting smarter and equipped with more resources with every passing days and are becoming bigger threats. Therefore, it is important to scrutinize those cybercrime-related issues as well as to delve into planning a well-thought out countermeasure for both private and government sectors in various aspects for betterment of safer society of the information era. In this paper, Part I addresses how government intervention justifies telling private industry how to set up or improve their cybersecurity with its policies. Part II addresses the impacts on national security due to government regulation by private industry’s compliance.

Part I. Government Regulation of Private Sector Cybersecurity
Cyber criminals always look for vulnerabilities such as unsecured network to gain backdoor access to attack critical infrastructure or collect...

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