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Csi900 - Network and Telecommunications

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Network and Telecommunications

Riordan must look at what hardware is needed to be implemented for their new system to be successful. For Riordan Manufacturing to become more efficient upgrading their current systems is a must. Riordan has excellent potential and is geared for growth. Riordan Manufacturing headquarters are located in San Jose, CA, where marketing and sales division are located Riordan networking systems currently has an estimate 40-50 desktop running on Windows OS with office 2000, marketing workstations are connected to a Cisco 5950 switch with 24 ports running through a Ethernet line that connects to Riordan’s network database. Riordan also has a NAS Iomega P800M and Windows network and exchange servers. Riordan Manufacturing upgrades with consist of upgrade workstations and their windows servers. Increasing the speed, storage capacity and installing a new OS to all workstations, as well as upgrading the current window’s databases and network servers from Microsoft. The reasons for this upgrade is, Riordan Manufacturing is planning to transfer large amounts of historical data in the database so the storage capacity and speed is needed to hold this new date and well as maintain the current marketing data. To achieve this Riordan will add Windows SQL. With this expansion it will bring the efficiency needed and with minimal training the transitions to Windows SQL will not be a challenge.

Cost Riordan Manufacturing implementation this new system raises the question of cost and when the company will be ready to proceed in implementing process. With a project of this size time is also a factor. Riordan Manufacturing has a budget of $200,000 dollars to invest in hardware, software and trainers. With this type of investment The ROI plays a major role, stakeholder want to make sure revenues from sales must eventually...

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