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Csr and Theories

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The issue of corporate social responsibility has got a lot of attention in the business and political world since the early 1990’s and the major reason behind this was corporate scandals. Organizations had started to realize that the basis on which they were achieving economic growth was unsustainable and hence there was a need to develop a process which would intend at balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability and societal expectations. In fact the origin of corporate social responsibility can be found in the 1950s and 60s whereby successful companies were trying to link corporate social responsibility to the power that business holds in society. The theoretical progresses were subdivided in ethical and accountability and the stakeholder approach to strategic management.

CSR can be distinguished from the three terms which are included in its designation phrase and these words are; ‘Corporate’, ‘social’ and ‘responsibility’. Hence CSR can be explained as being the responsibilities that a company undertakes for the society within which it carry out its operations. To be specific, CSR require a business to identify its stakeholders and include their needs and values in the tactical day to day decision making process of the company. Consequently the society within which a business function and which identify the number of stakeholder to which the organization owe a responsibility can be broad depending on the type industry within which it operate. The different stakeholders to which a company is accountable can be illustrated using the figure below:
Figure 1: stakeholder of a business
-a business must respond to two aspects which evolve during their operating process and these are: * The quality of management which is represented by the inner cycle and it is both in terms of people and processes. * The nature of and the extent to which...

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