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Abbott Laboratories
Abbott Laboratories is a global healthcare company with more than 70,000 employees worldwide and operations in over 130 countries. The Chicago-based company develops and produces nutritional products, laboratory diagnostics, medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies. Its vision and mission focus on improving people's lives by providing cost effective healthcare products and services. Abbott Pakistan started operations as a marketing affiliate of Abbott Laboratories in 1948. Today, it has 1,346 employees and two manufacturing facilities at Landhi and Korangi in Karachi. Continuous innovation, research and development at Abbott's worldwide facilities enable Abbott Pakistan to offer products and services focused on improving healthcare in line with the changing needs of its customers. The company is also working on implementing its global CSR standards in Pakistan, and actively supports and participates in disaster relief efforts and activities. “We view our commitment to global citizenship not only as a business responsibility, but also as an opportunity to improve lives around us. Caring is one of our core values and is all about making a difference in people’s lives. We have contributed to improving lives for more than 50 years, while strengthening the company and its communities for future generations,” says Asif Jooma, Managing Director at Abbott Pakistan. Atlas Honda
Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) is the leading manufacturer of motorcycles in Pakistan. It manufactures and markets the country’s largest selling Honda motorcycles in collaboration with Honda Motor Company, and also exports them to different countries. AHL is a joint venture between Pakistan’s Atlas Group and Honda Motor Company Limited of Japan. It was established in 1988 through the merger of two companies set up by the Atlas Group - Panjdarya Limited and...

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...Source: * Financial Times ranking 2014 # Financial Times 3 year average rank (2012-14) + Part of 1% of business schools to be awarded tripe accreditation status (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB) Original Thinking Applied CONTENTS CSR 2014 04 The Trend The rise of CSR in business education 07 Case Study 10 Teaching CSR 14 16 18 Event The green trend in business Advertorial Economy MBAs and social responsibility Industry 08 CSR 2014 Lowdown on courses and events Oil companies and MBAs: a pipeline for corporate social responsibility MBS stresses importance of social responsibility Teaching China’s business leaders the importance of CSR PolyU means business when it comes to creating a better world 04 07 08 10 14 16 18 Corporate social responsibility will revitalise the world’s economy CUHK CSR case competition winner will be awarded a Swire internship CSR 2014 is published by Education Post, South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved. Editorial Editor Assistant Editor Community Editor Reporter Designer Sub Editor Cover photo: iStockphoto Ginn Fung Gary Ng Daisy Fung Sharon Li Candy Lai Paul Wenham Contact Us Editorial Advertising...

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