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Cultral Differences Between Mexico & the Us

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ABC Porcelain Textile firm is expanding, and the need to increase productivity has been overwhelming. However, the cost to produce in the United States has showed a negative impact on the overall profit. In order to reach our goal of providing quality products, management has decided to explore manufacturing efforts in Mexico. In order to accomplish this goal, management has selected a team to go to Mexico and devise a plan of action. This assign has presented itself with many challenges. The assigned team members or I are familiar with the conditions or culture of Mexico. Therefore, extensive training will be needed to make this expansion lucrative and rewarding for the company.
Our primary goal for this assignment is to become acquainted with the culture of Mexico by reviewing the culture, values, beliefs, and religion. In addition, to aid with the learning process, we will apply the skills outlined under the scholarly work of Geert Hofstede dimensions. We will them examine cultural dimensions that appear to stumbling blocks for us, and devise a plan of action to overcome the cultural differences. Since this is the first operation of possible expansion, we have determined that it would be feasible to employee a Mexican citizen that is knowledgeable, understands the system, and can assist with the mission at hand.
Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness is the foundation that has been established to aid multinational corporations to identify and succeed in countries beyond their home base. Based on research, as an American expatriated manager in Mexico, the first priority is to engage in cross cultural...

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