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Cultral Event Paper

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Diamond-Showerlyn Zoe
Cultural Event Paper
APSU 1000-02

The culture event I attended is called senior recital representing Belinda Gaston, Mezzo-soprano, and Anne Marie Padelford, Piano. I chose this event because the music inspired me. It encourages me not to give up despite life challenges. I should always hold my head up high when things do not go right. My expectation prior to the event was to gain self-confidence and to know that I can be whatever I want to be if only I put my mind to it. No words of anyone can bring me down. The event was all about believing in yourself, casting your care on God, waiting for the love of your life, and someone to watch over you. What I learned from the event was to believe in myself, trust my instance, follow my dream, and be the best in all I do. My feelings to the event were depressing because I miss my Dad and thought of how we were till he passed away. I cried my heart out and wish he was here. I have attended such program before. This is not my first time attending a program filled with words of acknowledgement, inspiration, love, care, and compassion. This event is compare to my previous experiences because the music makes me think of my Dad in various ways. Such as being together, cooking together, hanging out, and having the best time of our lives. I always wish my Dad was here. Though it has not been easy, I take life as it is and try to move on. I enjoyed the event. It was what I expected. I was fulfilled with the melody and the way the music interact together. The lyrics were inspiring and took me by surprise. It was a beautiful program. Never saw a performance like the senior recital. I will love to participate in such event again because it inspires me by the rhythm, color tones, dynamics, different types of instruments, and the sound of melody. I would recommend this event to others because it helps with life...

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