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With the pressure and challenges facing global organizations as well its employees and functions to keep growing in highly hyper competitive markets, hyper informed societies , it is difficult for people to advocate them self for being enlighten negotiators and become who they are want really to peruse themselves interests. as Abraham Maslow highlighted, it happen if we dedicated our self to achieve the personal and psychological needs that leis at the top of his described hierarchy of needs.
As self-actualized located at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy tringle, it describe the high-level need of person, refer to his desire for self-fulfillment, and become actualized in what he is potentially.
With self-actualization SABIC and its functions leaders can achieve expert control for the value creativity , spontaneity, problem solving skills, and motivated to realize their potential in their day to day work and negotiations using power of understanding with their counterparty such as suppliers, customers , and other business stakeholders to achieve the goal of sustainable growth for being the world preferred chemical leader.
If we adapted Maslow’s theory to show how SABIC organization motivated to achieve its goals and needs, as sample interlinked with Maslow’s hierarchy, we can describe it as following:
Sabic starts by it basic need and move though the hierarchy to brand advocacy , in 5 tiers like Maslow, which is functional , safety and security compliance , connectedness, stockholders recognition , and at the top is the brand advocacy and achieve its goal of being the world preferred chemicals leader.
1- Functional needs:
As Maslow described original basic need as physiological, similarly, for SABIC have the basic need of existence by manufacturing and selling its products to customers, can call these basic needs to motivate organization…...

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