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Cultrual Identity

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Cultural Identity

My cultural identity consists as being German, Norwegian, and partially Irish. I’m a Caucasian female who has chosen to be Christian following an evangelical free church.
Being Caucasian hasn’t really impacted my life as much as it does others. I am from a small community where we were raised that everyone was to be treated equally, whether their race, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation is different. Every time I hear something about racial diversity and what it means to others it makes me thankful for how I was raised and the ways that I was taught.
My family has been Lutherans for as long as I am aware of. My parents were never real strict on going to church on Sundays, or any other days for that matter. We were given the choice to explore different religions if we wanted to do so. From there I chose to attend an evangelical free church and took the road to Christianity. I really didn’t have any obstacles standing in my way.
According to my parents German and Norwegian immigrants have been Lutherans in some form. Germans are typically protestant (Christians) and Norwegian’s faith lies in the evangelical free church- as well as Protestants.
I may have been given the choice to follow my own beliefs, or build my own beliefs, but, all in all it resulted in me following what my heritage consists of.
There was some discrimination against Germans in the early 1900s, entering the time of World War I. People in the United States wanted to repress the German culture. At the end of World War I German Americans went from having multiple identities to being “American.” (Carlson, 2003; Kazal, 2004; Krammer, 1997)
After everything Germans have been through it is nice to see that we are not labeled by whether were German, Irish, or even Italian. However, it is amazing to look back at what the German American culture had to endure...

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