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Cultural Activity

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Cultural Activity

Strayer University

Humanities 112

Professor Renee Pistone

December 7, 2014

Cultural activity has continued to be part be art of the human race since times in history. Due to a major role held by culture in shaping the society, various museums have been set up across the county for remembrance of various historical artifacts and other fine art works. In fulfillment of the assignment in this unit HUM 112, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. The main aims of the visit are to identify the major artwork kept in the museum in addition to the influences of the intellectual, religious and socio-political forces on the arts. Moreover, it also recognizes the use of technology and information resources to research issues in the study of cultures. The visit involved recognition of the main artworks stored in the museum in addition to the selection of the two pieces of art that would be selected for being saved first in case of a fire outbreak.

A visit to Metropolitan Museum of Art that houses more than two million artworks representing five thousand years of history carried out on 5th of December 2014 was used to aid in writing this report. The visit began with a brief look into the floor layout of the complex museum layout. As a result, this enabled the location of the most interesting artworks in the Museum. Additionally, a staff curator offered to give me a trip around the expansive museum explaining various facts around the museum. Among the key artworks that caught my eye includes the Temple of Dendur. The temple of the Dendur is a huge atrium that was built under the watch of the Roman Emperor Augustus to honor Isis the goddess and Nubian chieftains. It resembles a boat holding a pool of water. An interesting piece of art is constructed with materials drawn from sandstone. It is decorated with papyrus and lotus carvings drawn from Nile River. On its outer walls, Emperor Augustus is indicated as the pharaoh offering sacrifices to the almighty deities Isis and Osiris, In addition to their son Horus (Compton, 2009). The temple is subdivided into various rooms that were used by the pharaoh to offer sacrifices to the deities.

The rooms are filled with hieroglyphics some that appeared to be mis-spelt in order to achieve specific patterns in the writing styles. Furthermore, the temple of Dendur contains the tombs of Pediese and Pihor that were believed to have drowned in the river Nile. The tombs are represented by a rock chamber that neighbors a rear wall built to represent the cliffs. The artifact had submerged during the construction of the Aswan high dam.However, the American government assisted the government of Egypt save a number of artworks that were getting submerged as the Aswan high dam was being constructed. As an appreciation sign the government was rewarded the Egyptians with the Temple of Dendur (Compton, 2009).

The Islamic galleries in the museum highlight the road to civilization among the Islam is another magnificent host of artworks. Key among them is the Persian carpet that given to the Hapsburg Emperor Leopold 1 by a Russian Peter the great (Compton, 2009). The carpet reveals the royal patronage given its nice looks coupled with the dexterity making it a perfect look. The carpet reveals the respect that was paid to the king given their high seat in the society. That carpet is attractive and would among the first items I request to be salvaged from a fire outbreak in the museum. A thorough look into various artifacts in the Islamic gallery enables one to get an insight critically into their civilization that is an interesting journey.

In conclusion, the visit into the Manhattan in the Metropolitan Museum of Art was a fulfilling excursion that enabled me to understand the critical role held by artwork in understanding various political, religious and social-political set ups across the world.


Compton, J. (2009). Arts America: Enjoying the best art museums, theater, classical music,

opera, jazz, dance, film, and summer festivals in America. Las Vegas, Nev: Huntington


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