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Cultural Competency Interview Paper

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Cultural Competency Interview Paper Elizabeth Asch is one of two teachers in a community education preschool classroom in Michigan. She works with children from different socioeconomic statuses, different cultural backgrounds, and with different abilities and disabilities. Asch (personal communication, November 6, 2014) explained her job responsibilities include leading groups, creating lessons, helping the children progress in school, and home visits occasionally. She began working at daycare centers in high school, attended college for a few years, took a few years off to raise children, and then began looking for classroom jobs. The families that have attended her classroom are from both similar and diverse cultural backgrounds. She has had students from Hispanic, African American, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Caucasian families.
There are rewards that accompany working with diverse families, Asch explains that she enjoys teaching the children about different cultures as well as learning about them from the children and parents. The students tell her stories about their families and their cultural practices, such as holidays, which she encourages them to tell. It is rewarding for her to be able to make connections with the students and their parents. A specific example that she always remembers is about an African American child from a lower SES who was in one of her classes who did not have the best life at home. He had problem behaviors and trust issues, but she was able to encourage him to open up to her and trust her. She did not judge him based on his race or status, but rather listened to his story. In addition, she met with his mother after school to talk about his issues and what the family could do to help him.
There are also challenges that professionals face when working with culturally diverse families. Asch explains that she does not always know...

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